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Three (3) Fruits And Vegetables You Should Never Eat If You Are Suffering From Stomach Ulcer

There are three types of ulcers but the peptic, known as stomach ulcer is the most common and harmful to our well-being. Burning sensation, pain at the chest and the upper abdomen are the common symptoms associated with the health condition.

Personally, 7 out of 10 persons I have met had complains about suffering from one of the symptoms of peptic ulcers.

The stomach ulceration is caused by prolonged use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen.

It is true, there have not been evidence to show that spicy foods or stress cause peptic ulcers but consuming it complicate the treatment process.

In this article, I have compiled some five fruits and vegetables a person suffering from stomach ulcer should never eat:

5. Orange

Rich in vitamins, oranges are very good in helping to boost our immunity. But it contains citric acidic which causes burning sensation felt by ulcer patients.

It is better to replace the consumption of oranges for carrot, so that the health condition should no worsen.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are vegetables which is used in the preparation of our mostly favorite dish - stew. However, it is not safe for patients suffering form peptic ulcers.

Consuming the vegetable two to three hours before bed has been proven to cause burning sensation in the chest and flatulence - i.e. frequent and abnormal passing out of gas.

3. Pepper (spicy)

Spicy foods in general and pepper in specific aggravate symptoms of stomach ulcers. It's consumption should be completely avoided, whether little or much for the benefit of your health.

What Should Stomach Ulcer Patients Eat?

It is generally known that fruits and vegetables are good for the health. But what fruits and vegetables is good for an ulcer patient?

There are a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables alternative suitable for your medical condition. Which are; apples, strawberries, bananas, cabbages, radishes and cauliflowers.

You can get these tasty and healthy at any grocery store around you.

Remember Health is Wealth and Healing is A Gradual Process.

P.S: All Pictures Used For Illustrative Purposes.

Note: The article should not used for medical diagnosis or for treatment. Contact your doctor for professional diagnosis.

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