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5 Nigerian foods that take a short time to prepare

Nigeria is a country blessed with many foods from her various tribes. Sometimes, people do not like to wait to cook foods that will take a very long time to prepare instead, they usually opt for foods that can be cooked quickly. There are many Nigeria foods that can be prepared within a short period of time, some of which will be talked about here.

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1. Ojojo (wateryam fritters)

Ojojo is a traditional Yoruba food that does not take a long time to prepare. It is made with a special yam called 'isu ewura' or water yam. This is normally grated then pepper, onions and other desired condiments are added to it before it is fried. This food is very delicious despite the fact that it can also be prepared quickly.

2. Akara (beans cake)

Akara or beans cake is a Nigerian traditional food that is made from beans. Beans coat is removed with water and soaked. This is later grinded with pepper and onions, it is then fried in oil. It is one of Nigerian foods that take a short time to prepare.

3. Agidi jollof (pap concoction)

This is a popular Igbo meal. It is pap that is made in a concoction method by adding stew and biscuit bones into it. This food can be prepared in few minutes.

4. Tuwo shinkafa

Anybody that have stayed in the northern Nigeria should know tuwo shinkafa. This food is made with rice. Rice is prepared like semolina and eaten with soup. Many northerners like to prepare this meal during festive period. It can be eaten with groundnut soup or any other soup of choice. It doesn't take a long time to be ready.

5. Nkwobi

This is a delicacy made with cow leg. It is popular in Eastern Nigeria, whereas many people resolve to visiting restaurants to eat the delicious meal. But nowadays, its common everywhere in the country. It can be prepared quickly without much stress.

Photos credit: Dobby's signature, Cookpad, YouTube

Hope you can pick from the above when you want to prepare fast meals? Don't forget to follow this page for more important updates and share to families and friends who may need it.

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