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See Photos of a Food Industry in Onitsha Owned by an Igbo Man

Igbo is one of those tribes in Nigeria blessed with many industrious sons and daughters. Igbo men and women are spread everywhere around the globe, doing well in many businesses. There is no sector of the economy where you can not find an illustrious Igbo son or daughter. Politics, religion, medicine, business and so on are different sectors of the economy where one could find an Igbo person.

One of the popular industries owned by an Igbo man is the Tiger Foods Limited. Tiger Foods limited is known for the production of spices used for cooking local and intercontinental dishes. This company haven thrived for years is one known to be professionally managed and promoted. Hardworking staff and unique management.

It is no news that the Igbo people would always advice their sons and daughters who own businesses to always bring it home and establish and employ their people to work for them. This initiative is what the Igbo people call "Aku luo uno". Most businessmen do this while some do not. Each time we talk of "Aku luo uno", some will always have a million and one reasons why they cannot bring their new business or existing businesses to the East. This illustrious son of Ala Igbo brought his to the East and it is thriving. Although the company has branches in many African countries, their headquarters is located in Onitsha, Anambra state.

Looking at these photos, the equipment and the hygienic environment one could tell that this company is really doing well. They pay attention to neatness and health and that is really applaudable.

This company could have chosen to given hundred and one excuses and excuses why Igboland is not wonderful to host their business but they did not. They brought it down here and in that way, putting Igboland on the map.


Do you know about Tiger Foods? Which of their products do you consume? What do you have to say about their high value for hygiene?

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