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How To Make Chocolate Biscuit Cake With As Little As #500 Naira

How Chocolate biscuit cake is been baked.

Please read carefully;

This lockdown has really been boring day by day. Now we all spend most of our time on social media.

I was watching videos on YouTube, then I came across a video how to make chocolate biscuit cake, I watched how it was been done.

I thought of giving it a try which I later did.

Tried it out and it was smelling nice and tastes yummy, actually it was my first try but looked and tasted like a pro did it. The taste of this chocolate biscuit cakes has a great taste than you could imagine.

Since I tasted it was good, I decided to share with others, I can't be selfish with something good as this.

All this can be done with as little as #500 naira it doesn't cost much.

How it's been done:

Recipes needed; A clean small bowl, little water, small quantity of oil, pot to bake, chocolate biscuit, milk and sugar.

Steps To Make This Special delicacy:

• Get chocolate biscuit. It could be Pure bliss, Noreos or any chocolate biscuit of your choice, you grind them still they are smooth enough to dissolve.

* The clean bowl pour the grinded biscuit into it and little water (Don't make it watery)

• Add sugar, quantity of your choice

• Add milk

• Add water, Stir still it get smooth and well mixed

• Get your clean pot

• Put your pot on a low flame of fire.

• Add a very little oil to rub the internal part of the pot.

• When it is hot enough add the mixed content, use a spoon to put the content inside the pot (you could add shape of your choice).

• Bake and serve with a chill drink. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading........

If you find this educative or you have a question don't hesitate to use the comment section, I would be replying everyone.

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Chocolate Chocolate Biscuit Cake


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