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Tiger Nuts: Learn This Method Of Preparing Tiger Nut And Pineapple Juice

Tiger nut juice is one drink that is loved by all. Tiger nuts are very nutritious and beneficial to our health as it produces lots of milk which has been in use over many years. Many wonder how this tiger nut juice are being processed bit it is quite simple to be processed at your home. Follow our page and become an expert at making variety of foods

You do not need much to prepare this tiger nut juice, just get your tiger nuts ready. I also love using Pineapple to mix my tiger nut juice and then little water.

Below are step by step method used in preparation of Tiger nuts

1) Soak your tiger nut inside water and add a little salt. Leave for about 3 to for 4 hours for your tiger nuts to soften

2) Sieve out your tiger nuts from water and wash thoroughly.

3) Place your tiger nut into blender and also add your well washed and sliced pineapple and then add little water and blend.

4) Re- blend the tiger nut and pineapple pulp again adding little water.

5) Using a cloth sieve, sieve out your tiger nut juice from the pulp.

6) Freeze to any minutes or hours of your choice as your tiger nut and pineapple juice is ready.

This juice is very healthy beneficial as it re- freshens the body and helps our immune system a lot. Comment on the article and share out to other platforms.

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