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Do You Love Egusi? See Another Method Of Preparing Spicy And Delicious Egusi Soup In Few Easy Steps

Egusi soup is a very delicious meal that is widely eaten in different Places in Nigeria. This soup which is also known as Melon soup is very healthy and nutritious and it can be enjoyed with other delicacies such as Rice, Pounded Yam, Eba, Amala and many others. In this article, I will be showing you another method of preparing Egusi Soup with few ingredients.

List Of Ingredients

Eguisi/Melon Seeds



Salt and Seasoning Cubes to Taste

Fresh Garlic and Ginger

Pumpkin Leaves, Uziza Leaves or Spinach

Fresh Tomatoes

Yellow Pepper

Locust Beans

Uziza Seeds

Palm Oil

Method Of Preparation

Step One

Transfer the Egusi Seeds, Uziza Seeds and crayfish to your blender or food processor then add water and blend into a smooth paste.

Step Two

Blend your garlic and ginger and set aside

Step Three

Wash the Fresh Tomatoes, Pepper and Onions and blend into a smooth paste.

Step Five

Wash another onion then get a knife and cut it into smaller pieces. Wash and slice your vegetables.

Step Six

Pour the meat into a pot then add half of the ginger and garlic mix, some diced onions, salt and seasoning Cubes then cook on low heat for fifteen minutes.

Step Seven

Place a very clean pot on your gas or stove top and pour in some palm oil.

Step Eight

Pour in the locust Beans and fry for one minute then add the sliced onions and the garlic and ginger mixture and stir to combine.

Step Nine

Pour in your blended Tomatoes, Pepper and Onion mixture and stir to combine and leave to cook for five minutes. Pour in the Egusi mixture and stir then leave to cook for another five minutes.

Step Ten

Now add the parboil meat and cook on low heat for twenty minutes.

Step Eleven

Add your sliced vegetables and stir to combine then leave to cook for one minute.

Step Twelve

Your delicious Egusi soup is ready to enjoy, Serve and Enjoy Your soup with Eba, pounded yam, rice and many more.

What do you think of this method of preparing Egusi Soup? Please leave a comment below.

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