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Your Yam Will Taste Different And More Delicious If You Use This Special Method

My dad loved yam, and he was never tired of eating it. I inherited this yam love from him and up till date I am keeping his legacy of eating yam alive.

Yam has this full feel it gives, and a distinct taste, especially old yam, it taste like sugar.

Yam is rich in carbohydrates and I think it has other minor vitamins and minerals.

Methods of eating yam differ,it can either be fried, boiled or roasted. If boiled it can either be boiled white or in porridge form

This article will teach you on a special way to prepare your yam porridge that the sweetness of your porridge sauce will sink into the yam. A friend turned sister taught me this method and I am here to share the knowledge with you guys, read on and learn



Tomatoes( Fresh or tin)

Crayfish(big and small)


Smoked fish


Red oil

Curry leaf

Goat meat


Salt and seasoning to taste

Prepare Your Ingridrients

1. Blend your fresh tomatoes, crayfish, onions and pepper

2. If you are using tin tomatoes put in a plate and set aside

3. Wash your smoked fish and debone

4. Set your big crayfish by removing the head, (in other not to waste it, you can blend with your onions, pepper and small crayfish or keep aside to be used another day ), then you soak in salt and hot water for sometime.

5. Wash and set your Curry leaves

6. Wash your goat meat, season to taste and boil

7. Fry the goat meat and set aside

8. Dice your onions

Prepare You Coconut Milk

1. Break the coconut and remove the shell

2. Grate your coconut

3. Put water in a kettle and bring to boil

4. Pour the Boiled water into a bowl containing your grated coconut and allow to soak for a while

5. Use a seive to squeeze out the grated coconut shaff and get the milk extract


1. Blend your coconut after breaking from the shell and cutting into bits

2. Filter the blended coconut out with a cloth sieve(if you used much water to blend it)

3. If you used little water, use the steps in the first method to extract your milk.

You can either do this or buy the extracted milks from shops and supermarkets.

Note: The extracted milk you get is the water you will use to cook the yam

Prepare Your Yam

1. Peel and wash the yam

2. Place on fire and perboil(i.e allow to steam for few minutes)

3. Seive and set aside

Cooking Your Yam Porridge

1. Place a pan or pot on the fire and allow to dry.

2. Add your red oil and let it bleach a little

3. Add your diced onions and some of the Curry leaves, fry till the aroma comes up,

then add your blend of crayfish, Pepper and onions. Fry till dry

Note: if you are using tin tomatoes, after adding your onions, fry the tin tomatoes dry(till it changes color) before adding the rest of your Ingredients

4. Add your washed smoke fish and season to taste

5. After a while, add your perboiled yam, diced onions and big crayfish,reduce the heat and stir so the flavor of your fried sauce can sink into yam

6. After some time of frying your yam in the sauce, add your coconut milk, taste to see if it will require any seasoning adjustment, if non allow your yam to cook and done

Note: The quantity of extracted coconut milk you add here will determine the quantity of porridge paste you have, so add to your taste.

7. When it has done, you add your vegetables, stir and bring down, the heat of the yam porridge is enough to cook the vegetables so it will remain crunchy.

8. Bring down and enjoy your meal. Serve with your fried goat meat and use a glass of fresh apple juice to step it down

I know this process is long but believe me when I tell you that it is worth a try.

Thanks for reading. Do well to like, share and comment or ask questions if any.


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