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Hidden benefits of roasted corn you should know

Corn or maize is a cereal plant that is mostly eaten as food especially in Nigeria, it could either be cooked, roasted, or fried depending on your particular choice. Maize is a cereal grain first domesticated by indigenous peoples in Mexico many years ago.

 Although it is the season where there is plenty of corn in Nigeria, here are some reasonable questions to ask about this corn we eat every day Is it healthy for me to eat? Is the boiled one more nutritive than the roasted one?

So many people don't have a single idea about what corn does to the body, they are just attracted to eating it.  Corn has numerous health advantages. It also contains valuable B vitamins, which are significant to your general health. But indeed corn has a lot of advantages to the human body both for children, adults, and even old ones. So below are some benefits of eating roasted corn.

1. Roasted corn contains dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is vital to the body because it helps relieve you of constipation and it also assists in easy digestion contains.

2. Roasted corn contains Minerals

Minerals are significant in that they help keep you healthy, by confirming that your bones, muscles, heart, and brain are operating their task properly.

3.Roasted Corn contains folic acid

Folic acid is very essential in the improvement of the child's brain and spinal cord and it also helps to treat cough.

4. Blood Sugar Levels In Check

This reduces high blood sugar in those with diabetes mellitus.

5. Treats Anaemia

Corn is a powerhouse of iron, serving as a boon for people who undergo low hemoglobin levels in the blood, thus effectively treating anemia. Treats Hypertension corn helps to reduce high blood pressure and effectively treat instances of hypertension.

Above are some of the benefits of roasted corn. Health is wealth.

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