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Here is why glass cup is more preferable to use in drinking water or any other drinks.

Talk about the transparent of glass cups. It gives the measures, to the neatness of any drinks. Glass cup balance the system of a person while using it to drink.

You can easily, see any form of dirtyness in the water; or any other drink to take.

The touch of it on a tongue, give more taste to the drink; than using any other types of cup to drink.

In holding it, while taking a drink; you feel more rich of yourself; and the feeling can sometimes turn to be something, that'll walks to happened.

Doubt it? Just give it a try more often and you'll later testify to it.

If you do not have one glass cup, go get one in quick time. Because it will saved you from any germ in some water.

Using glass cups is more comfortable and most reliable in drinking.

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