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Women: Kitchen And Everyday Hacks You Should Know.

Here are some kitchen and everyday hacks to reduce cost, keep your dishes tasty and make your home sparkle.

1.Is your rice always sticky:

i. Drain the rice into a sieve, pour cool water over the sieve and use your fingers to unstick the rice.

2. To reduce rusting from your fridge surface:

i. Apply baking soda and lemon juice in a bowl and make into a paste.

ii. Use a toothbrush to scrub thoroughly

iii.leave for 30 minutes, then clean off the mixture.

3. How to make your gas burner sparkle, there are two tricks:

i. Pour hot water into a bowl.

ii. Put your detergent.

iii. Soak your burners.

iv. Leave for an hour.

v. Then scrub with sponge or brush.


i. Wash your burners with water and detergent.

ii. Make a paste with baking soda.

iii. Apply the paste for 20 minutes and scrub with a toothbrush.

4. To reduce a salty food:

i. Wash and peel a skin of potato.

ii. Cut to the potato and add to the salty food.

5. To remove burnt taste from your food:

i. Add a slice of bread on on top of the food.

ii. Cover for 10 minutes.

6. Is your stew too peppery:

i. Put some palm oil in the stew it helps to reduce the pepper.

7. Your soup turned sour, instead of throwing them away:

i. Put an empty pan on fire.

ii. Add palm oil and onions.

iii. add some salt and pepper.

iv. Add the palm oil mixture to the soup and allow to boil.

8. If your soup is watery and you do not have access to cocoyam, you can use flour to thicken the soup:

i. Take a small amount of flour needed.

ii. Turn it into a paste on the stove.

iii. Put the paste little by little into the soup.

iv. Allow to boil well to remove the flour taste.

9. To keep rats away, slice onions and keep near their holes.

10. To keep your sponge bacteria free, place them in a microwave on high for 3 minutes.

11. To avoid the smell of onion on your hand, rub your hand with a mix of lemon and salt.

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