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How to Make Fried Yam and Fried pepper sauce (Dundun and Ata Dindin)

Happy New Year People! I pray this year that you break boundaries, takeover new frontiers and above BECOME all that the creator created you to be!

Dun-Dun (fried yam or yam fries) is one of the most popular street snacks in Nigeria. Fried Yam is absolutely tasty, usually sold on the streets, especially at night and is commonly paired with Fried Plantain (Dodo) or with akara, I remember those days back at school in the northern part of Nigeria, where we did sneak out of school to go get akara and dundun what we termed as coach& doach, an unholy combo, how I miss those days. It is often displayed by the street vendors alongside other snacks such as buns, puff- puff, akara, and fried plantains.

Dun dun is also a common food in most homes and can be served any time of the day because it’s so easy to make and takes little or no effort and time. So, today I’m showing you how to make Fried yam which is one of my favorite street foods and pepper sauce (Dundun and Ata Dindin) at home.

Dun-dun is very easy to make just peel the yam, and cut into your desired shapes but it is very important that you fry it on low heat. If you fry on high heat you’ll end up cooking only the outside and not the inside of the yam. Also, the yam doesn’t take a long time to cook, when you see that the yam is lightly brown and you can pierce a fork through it without any resistance then it is cooked.   

There are three ways of preparing Fried Yam (Dundun), first is by frying fresh-cut chunks of raw yam in vegetable oil, the second method is parboiling the yam first before deep frying and the third method is frying frozen cut chunks. The first and second methods are the most popular though some people prefer the parboiling method only because they find it hard to get the desired consistency from frying raw yam. The major reason I find responsible for this is the failure to add water to the yam while frying. Frying the yam without water often results in the yam not being properly cooked on the inside, though crisp on the outside. Another reason is frying the yam on high heat. Fried yam (Dundun) needs to be fried on low to medium heat, this is to allow the yam to cook properly on the inside just as on the outside.


•            1 Tuber Yam Peeled and cut into rectangular strips or desired shapes

•            Salt to taste

•            Enough oil for frying

•            Ground pepper to taste (optional)


1.                Peel the yam, slice, and cut to your desired shapes. I cut mine into rectangular strips. Rinse until clean then cover water and add salt. Allow the yam to sit for about 20 minutes.

2.                Heat oil in a shallow pan or pot over medium-high heat. Drain the water or just use a strainer and remove the yam, set the strained water aside. Gently add the yam to the oil, and about 1/8 cup of salted water that was strained earlier on, to the yam depending on the quantity of yam you're frying.

3.                Reduce the heat to low heat and cook. Make sure the heat is not on high heat if not the yam won't cook on the inside. Fry on both sides until lightly brown, the longer you fry the crispier/drier the yam becomes, and you don't want that. You just want it lightly brown unless you want it dry. 

4.                Drain from hot oil.


Fried pepper sauce (Ata din din) Recipe


•                 2 cups of fresh roughly grounded Scotch Bonnet pepper (Ata Rodo)

•                 1 medium sized red bell pepper(tatashe) roughly grounded

•                 1 big size onion (chopped)

•                 1 Small Garlic clove(crushed)

•                 1 tsp grounded Fresh ginger

•                 Seasoning powder

•                 Salt to taste

•                 1 cup Canola oil or palm oil

•                 1 cup cleaned and shredded smoked fish


•                  Heat oil in a saucepan, sauté the chopped onion for 5 minutes then add roughly grounded pepper and tatashe. Fry until the pepper reduces in size. Season with salt and seasoning powder and stir.

•                  Add the shredded smoked fish or any protein of your choice and combine. Continue to fry until the oil floats. Check the seasoning and readjust if necessary

•                  Serve with fried yam (Dun Dun).

Content created and supplied by: Jine (via Opera News )

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