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Reduce Your Intake Of Pepper Soup if You Fall in This Category of People


Whether you like it or not, pepper soup is one of the peppery soup recipes enjoyed in most African countries especially in Nigeria for some basic reasons. It is seasoned with beautiful spices such as onions, garlic, hot pepper, and ginger. However, the choice of ingredients can vary depending on individual preferences.

Studies has shown that Nigerian pepper soup contains many essential nutrients, including capsaicin, that may help combat fever and cold. No matter the variation of the recipe, meat and fish are often present. And both constituents are excellent sources of protein and other nutrients, making pepper soup both nutritious and healthy.

However, there should be moderation if you suffer these medical conditions.

1. Heart Burn/Easily Irritated

Overall, taking Nigerian pepper soup is an excellent way to increase your protein intake so you can crush your daily protein requirements.

However, while it is safe when you take pepper soup in the right proportions, certain pepper types could trigger irritation. For instance, red chilies and green chilies could cause a burning sensation, indigestion, and acidity.


2. Bleeding disorders

Some people prefer using black pepper to prepare this dish and piperine, a chemical in black pepper, might slow blood clotting. In theory, taking black pepper in amounts greater than those in food might increase the risk of bleeding in people with bleeding disorders. (Source: Rxlist)


3. Pregnant Women

Due to the excess pepper in this dish, people fear it might be connected with miscarriage. However, moderation is the key when it comes to pepper intake. When carrying a baby in your womb, there should be moderation to your pepper intake.

But keep in mind that pepper spice on its own will not cause miscarriage as there is no scientific data about that. However, eating in moderation is advised. (Source: Foodeely)


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