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Food Combinations You Might Not Be Aware Of

Have you noticed how everyone has become a chef? People no longer are satisfied with the normal food our grandparents used to eat.

These days, food is all about creativity and innovation. A little here and there to make something worthwhile and even though some will be looking like something that might make you throw up, they always end up tasting so amazing.

In Nigeria, we have some very weird food combinations because to us eating isn't only about satisfaction, it is more about an adventure. When you don't have money to make what you wish to eat, you end up combining what you have to make up for what you desire.

When it comes to food, there is no limit to what you can combine. Someone like me loves eating indomie with bread and tea. I have once met a friend drinking garri (processed cassava) with biscuits, milk and groundnut. I thought it odd until I tried it and the taste was heavenly.

Now, how about you? What are some crazy food combinations you 

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