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10 Most Eaten Snacks in Nigeria.

A snack is a light meal generally eaten in between foods, snacks are small service foods we take in to sate our hunger in the event where food is unavailable till we can get food to eat.

Snacks can generally be eaten at any time of the day, the top ten most eaten snacks in Nigeria are as follows:


Puff-Puff and buns are typical Nigerian snacks, they are eaten by almost everyone in Nigeria, they are very popular snacks that are also termed street foods. Puff-Puff and Buns are very similar snacks as they are made using similar ingredients, the major difference between them both is that puff-puff is smother on the outside and fluffy on the inside but buns is rougher on the outside and thicker on the inside, this is due to the effect of added ingredients like baking powder and eggs. They are both generally made with flour batter and deep fried in oil.


Chin-chin is another popular Nigerian snack, it is a crunchy snack made with well prepared and seasoned dough which is then deep fried in oil, this snack can also be baked using an oven, the size and shape of the snack is dependent on individual preferences.


Dundun which is fried yam or fried potato with Akara which is bean balls is another popular Nigerian snack and street food which has eaten deep into the hearts of Nigerians, it is a highly favoured snack in Nigeria, it is prepared by dicing pieces of raw yams or potatoes and then deep frying it in oil. The akara is prepared by grinding beans seasoned with pepper and spices and then frying it in oil.


Plantain chips are another very popular snack in Nigeria, as the name implies, plantain chips are made from plantain either ripe or unripe depending on individual preferences, the plantain can be shaped into different shapes and then fried with oil. Plantain chips are so common in Nigeria that they can be termed the oldest Nigerian snack.


Rolls are also extremely popularly eaten in Nigeria, from egg rolls to fish rolls and sausage rolls, rolls have also become part of the most eaten snacks in Nigeria, they are made by wrapping either boiled egg or cooked fish and sausage in dough and deep frying them in oil or alternatively baking them in an oven.


Coconut candy is a crunchy chew-able candy like snack, they are made using coconut and sugar, the coconut is thinly grated or chopped into thin pieces then it is mixed with sugar and then deep fried.


Meat-pie is another snack in Nigeria that is enjoyed by many, it is a spicy meat and vegetables filled dough that is then baked, the recipe for this mouthwatering snack varies from persons.


Nuts are generally healthy snacks but in Nigeria boiled groundnuts are the favoured of all snacks, this ground nuts can be eaten alone or eaten with bread, bananas, roasted plantain, cucumbers or garden eggs.


Kokoro which is famously known as crunchy corn meal snack is another popular snack in Nigeria. This snack is native to the western parts of Nigeria, it is made from a specially made dough which contains corn meal, sugar and hot boiling water, it is then rolled into any shape desired and then deep fried in oil, it may contain pepper spice or not.


Kuli-kuli which is native to the northern part of Nigeria is made from roasted peanuts which is then grounded, spiced and deep fried, it can be eaten alone or with garri, this snack has also become a very popular Nigerian treat.

Which of these snacks is your favourite snack?

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