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Spiritual baths before leaving the house that attracts good fortunes

Spiritual baths are different from the regular Kind of baths we practice on a daily basis. It is not just the process of pouring water on your body and using your sponge to wash off diets rather spiritual baths is more of having a connection with your creator.

Spiritual baths re-energizes the atmosphere and makes you have the feeling of positivity, blessings, good fortunes and a mindset of everything being in place.

This spiritual rebirth, transformation and reconstruction happens not only from the solace of soaking yourself in a Lukewarm water but from energies and vigor passed on by the ingredients used like powerful oil, herbs, etc.

In preparation for a spiritual bath, you have to observe the following process:

* Wash the bath tub thoroughly to remove any form of impurities that could hinder the flow of positive vibes.

* Be mentally focused. Avoid disturbances from phone calls, text messages or any other form of disturbances.

* Quickly take a clean shower to wash off dirt's from your body because no soap or shower gel will be used during spiritual baths.

* Pour in water to fill up the bath tub at a temperature that you feel will be convenient for you while you soak in.

While filling up the bath tub, gather all the ingredients you will use for your spiritual bath and put then in the bath tub. You can use any of these ingredients that is listed below.

* Step into the bath tub and soak in for about 20 to 30 minutes. As you relax in there, clear your mind of all negative and unwelcomed thoughts, make sure you focus your mind on the reason for carrying out a spiritual bath.

* Apply the power of visualization, see your problems ending and in your imaginary space, attract your heart desires. It works so fast.

* Spiritual baths are so strong hence it should not be done everyday, twice in a month is recommended. All the same as you progress, your inner guidance will let you know how often you need to take a spiritual bath.

Ingredients for spiritual bath

There are lots of ingredients that can be used for spiritual bath but the most available ones that are easily seen around us are:

1. Sea salt

Sea salt is a very strong natural method to take negative energies and vigor away that are proving to cause blockages in our path to success. Never use refined salts because there have been refined and have lost it's spiritual potency.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda also known as bicarbonate of soda helps to clean negative remains from your success space and leaves your aura clear enough to attract positive vibes.

If you don't have a bath tub, get a bowl and fill it up with water, add the ingredients for the spiritual bath and soak in your legs. Make sure the water in the bucket or bowl reaches your knee.

Observe the same procedure I listed for using a bath tub for your spiritual bath and experience open doors on every side

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