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Popular Nigerian Foods You Didn't Know Their Anglicized Names.

Growing up we were introduced to varieties of local foods. Many of them were either formed from our mother tongue or picked up as vernacular from the local parlance. Below is the “anglicized” names of some popular Nigerian foods. These are not the common names known locally but the information will be worth having and you might want to share it with your friends.


1. Kuli kuli — Peanut Bars

2. Kilichi — Beaf Crackers

3. Dundun/Fried Yam — Yamarita 

4. Fried Potato — Potarita

5. Pako(chewing sticks) — Dental sticks

6. Boli/Bolè — Barbecue Plantain

7. Roasted corn — Corn Aflame

8. Eko/Agidi — Corn Jellos

9. Moin moin — Bean Pie

10. Isi ewu — Goat-hedo lickins'

11. Bokoto/Nkwobi — Hoof Salad

12. Chin chin — Dough Rocks

13. Zobo — Juice Rosa Afrik

14. Kunnu — Grain Alive

15. Bread and Akara — Bean Cake Burger

16. Ofada Rice — Unpolished Rice for Vegetarians

17. Yam Porridge — Continental Yam Casserole

18. Agbalumo/Odara — Wild Robust Cherry

19. Ogi/Akamu — Corn Caramel

20. Garri — Grain O'fibres

21. Kpof kpof — Energy Buns

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