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Reactions as Man Fried Chicken to Eat With Spaghetti which He Shared Online

Gender stereotypes has it that cooking is meant for the ladies and not the guys. Many ladies are taught at very young ages to learn how to cook decent meals for themselves and their husbands too, should get get married.

However, that role seems to be for both genders now as even men cook good meals that are quite tasty, and appetising. Although due to some issues, there are bound to be mistakes from the men and as such, is quite noticeable when they are done with the meal, same goes to the women too.

A man by name Smithie shared on twitter the chicken he fried, to eat with the spaghetti he cooked. Although the spaghetti looks cool but not very fantastic, the fried chicken didn't look as very much fresh as it ought to be, which led to people asking what happened to it.

Another sarcastically asked if he used engine oil to prepare the chicken.

See below:

Inasmuch as sometimes, mistakes are bound to happen in the preparation of meals, but one need understand that no matter the gender you belong, you need to perfect your cook. If not for anyone else but for yourself for there are times it will become very handy.

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Man Smithie With Spaghetti


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