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15 delicacies you can prepare for your parties (Owambe)

In Nigeria, 'Owambe' is a term used for ceremonies or outings which is usually during weekends. Although the name 'owanbe' or 'owambe' originated from Yoruba ethnic group but it seems as if it is now widely used by others. Ceremonies such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, burials and others are tagged owambe.

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People normally make preparations for such parties to make it a memorable one; such as befitting clothing, event centers, musicians and most especially feeding which is the target of many people in such outings. Many people who are not called may also go to the event purposely because of the delicious meals that may be surplus there.

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However, optimum preparation should be made especially on feeding because its as if it is the target of ceremonies. We will give some suggestions on some delicacies you can prepare during your 'owambe'.

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5 yummy soups you can prepare are:

1. Fisherman soup

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2. Bitterleaf soup (ofe onugbu)

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3. Afang soup

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4. Ewedu and gbegiri soup (Abula or mixture of the 2 soups)

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5. Egusi soup

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Below are 5 delicious foods you can prepare at your event

6. Party jollof rice, fried rice and coleslaw

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7. Pounded yam

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8. Moinmoin

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9. Amala

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10. African salad

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Checkout 5 tantalizing small chops to keep your guest busy before the main meal is served.

1. Asun

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2. Samosa

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3. Gizdodo

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4. Peppered gizzards

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5. Mini sausage rolls

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Hope you can choose out of the above delicacies for your party. Always eat well and stay healthy. Thanks for reading! Don't forget to follow us for more updates.

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