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Mothers, Forget Rice And Stew, Check Out These Simple Recipes For Goat Meat Afang Soup (With Photos)

Every Nigerian has heard about afang soup, well, almost every Nigerian. So much African goodness in this soup. I made this soup with goat meat but it can be substituted for beef. Try this recipe and thank me later.


1. Afang/Okazi leaves

2. Water leaf 

3. Fresh or Ghana pepper

4. 1½cups crayfish

5. Dry fish 

6. Stock fish

7. Seasoning cubes

8. 1½ cups palm oil

9. 4 kilos of goat meat

10. one small onions and salt to tast.


1. wash and season goat meat with onions, seasoning cubes,salt and pepper.

2. Using a mortal pound the thinly sliced Afang leaves.

3. Wash and cut the water leaf

4. Wash the dry fish with salt, breaking off the heads, only the body should be used.

5. Using hot water, soak the stock fish head until it's soft to be broken.

6. in a large pot add water leaf, crayfish, palm oil, meat, and meat stock. allow it to boil

7. add seasoning cubes, salt and pepper to taste.

8. After it's well cooked add Afang leaves, stir and leave for 2 minutes.

9. Serve hot With Fufu/garri

Content created and supplied by: Giftjohn29 (via Opera News )

Afang Ghana Nigerian Okazi Rice


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