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2 Things You Should Know About The Trending #AlcoholChallenge On TikTok

Since the app, TikTok, came out, there have been different trends that spread throughout the internet. These trends are termed “challenge”. 

When any of this challenge is started, people will start jumping on it. That is, they will participate in it and try to infuse a unique concept that will make theirs the best of the challenge. 

There is a new trending challenge currently circulating TikTok and even outside TikTok. Although, there have been different types of weird trends on TikTok, but this particular trend seems to be the weirdest of them all. 

The concept people are bringing into this challenge is quite shocking. This trend is called #AlcoholChallenge. 

Below are two things you should know about the challenge.

1. It’s done with Joeboy’s new single.

This challenge is being done by people while using Joeboy’s new single as the background song. 

The Joeboy’s new single is titled alcohol. It is a type of song that talks about trying to forget the bad things that have happened in the past with the help of alcohol. 

It is also a kind of song that might spark up emotions from someone who is going through hard times. The challenge started after a lady made a video with the song, drinking and pouring alcohol on her body.

It's surprising that people started pouring all manner of things in their mouths and bodies as their own concept. People have been seen using things like rice, sand, bleach etc.

2. Joeboy doesn’t support it.

Joeboy, whose song was used in starting and making the challenge, is really not loving this. He made a post saying that he appreciates the love people are showing for his new single, but people need to stop pouring all kinds of stuff on their body. 

This is because it might put them in danger, which will be very bad for them.

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