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How To Prepare Delicious Scent Leaf Red Oil Rice With Little Ingredients (Poor Man Method)

You're welcome to Calabar native kitchen in opera world.

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So moving on, today I will be showing you how to prepare delicious scent leaf rice with just little ingredients.

I know there are certain times you lack enough money to prepare sumptuous food. Yes! I'm sure of that, so whenever you're broke use my recipe to prepare delicious, nutritious scentleaf rice with little ingredients. This recipe is actually meant for you to cook whenever you're broke.

So these are the ingredients:

Parboiled rice of two cups

One bulb of onion

Pepper and salt

Crayfish of N100

Scent Leaf N50

Red Oil

Tomato puree and Knorr seasoning cube

Cooking Directions

Step one: Parboil the rice and set it aside. Make sure you wash it before boiling the rice and after parboiling it.

Step two: Get a clean pot, pour in enough red oil, allow it to bleach,add your onion, allow it to fry for some seconds, put your tomato puree and fry for one minute before adding Maggi, salt, pepper.

Step three: Add enough water to your mixture,pour the crayfish in, since there's no meat, don't grind the crayfish. Take it as meat in your rice.

Step four: Pour the rice,and let it boil before adding your sliced scent Leaf, cover it and let the water dry off with the rice being soften.

As simple as that! Yummy!

It was delicious!

You must not eat meat every time. Eating meat frequently is not healthy. Try limit your meat intake. The red oil rice is delicious just with little ingredients, try this method.

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