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Nigerian Local Diets That Is Mouth-Watering (See Photos)

Nigerian Local Diets That Is Mouth-Watering (See Photos)

Nigeria has lots of interesting diets, So sweet and tasty, some times you get tired of eating those English diet and you want to go for the local diet. Which are also delicious

This Nigeria local diet are enjoyable and are very affordable, some we travel to our home town to eat those local meal. They Nigerian local diets has it own special and unique taste. Sometimes even when you're not hungry and you come across them, you we want to go for it, or have a taste of it.

So on this article today, we shall be displaying some of those Nigerian local diets that are Mouth-watering.

Here are photos of some Nigeria local diet that are Mouth-watering:

Roasted yam and Plaintain with utazi leaf and suace

Black soupDrinking Garri and groundnut

Afang soupOkpaBoiled corn and pear

AgidiAfrican salad (Abacha) with roasted fishOgbono soupPap and bread with akara and breadRed oil jollof rice (Grandma rice)Boiled corn and coconutUgba with periwinklesRoasted corn and coconutAbachaFresh abacha with coconut and groundnutNwkobiOha soupAwedu soup and amalaOkro soup and ebaSo, what do you think about the Nigerian local diet? Wish of them is your favorite? Drop your comments and don't forget to like and share

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