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5 Dangerous Things You Should Never Do When Cooking With Gas Cooker This Christmas Season

As you can see Christmas is near, please we should be very careful about the way we would be using gas while cooking in this period, to avoid putting our lives in danger.

A gas explosion is extremely dangerous when it happens because it usually goes wider and causes so much havoc in the house or anywhere.

In this article today, I will be sharing with you 5 guidance you can follow that would prevent you from making some mistakes that may cause your life and the life of your families in this Xmas period.

1. Cigarette or weed 

Please while using gas for the cooking endeavor not to smoke a cigarette or weed while cooking or near the position of the gas cylinder, because it's very dangerous.

2. Mobile Phone

This one is common even in a filling station it's written there on the wall, so likewise when cooking with gas or when we go to a gas station please, we should not use our phones while cooking with gas because it's very dangerous.

3. Don't keep out of sight

This one too is very important, we should not leave the position we are cooking with the gas because it's very dangerous to avoid losing lives and properties.

4. Avoid shaking the gas cylinder

This one is common by many because it's a way of knowing if your gas is about to finish from the gas cylinder, which is very wrong we should avoid doing that.

5. In case you perceive the smell of the gas everywhere

Please should in case you perceive the smell of the gas everywhere in your kitchen or anywhere, please and please don't even think of any light switch in the building or electronic devices in the house, the thing you should do is just for you to calm down and open the windows and doors for the smell to escape through them.

Please share your thoughts on this, and please don't forget to share the likes and comments below. 

Content created and supplied by: Samthewriter (via Opera News )

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