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Strawberry Is The Only Fruit That Has Its Seeds Outside The Body

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The strawberry is a fruit that is not only beneficial to the human body with its nutritional values such as Vitamins, fibre and many others, it also has a dynamic and unique feature that is barely found In other fruits.

The strawberry is widely grown not only in other parts of the world, the Nigerian government has also been able to support this fruit which is richly grown in the country and is largely sold due to its numerous demands from people, thus making it one of the most anticipated fruits in its season.

The basic fact about the strawberry, as posited by Rebecca Shinners, on the popular blogging site, CountryLliving, is that this fruit has its seeds on the outside which is unlike other fruits which are usually known to have their seeds on their insides.

This has made the fruit a centre of observation for food experts who have since been working on researching and elucidating more on this aesthetics portrayed by it.

The average strawberry also contains at least two hundred (200) seeds in it. This is a lot for such a small fruit.

Strawberry is therefore mightier in content than what it really looks like.

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