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Everything You Need To Know About Ulcer - Foods To Avoid To Prevent Ulcer

Everything You Need To Know About Ulcer - Foods To Avoid To Prevent Ulcer

Ulcer is a condition whereby there is an eroded lesion lining the stomach. This condition is also known as peptic ulcer. If the ulcer is found in the stomach, it is known as the stomach ulcer and the one located in the duodenum is known as duodenal ulcer. However, when these ulcers are grouped together, they are known as peptic ulcer.

For this condition, there is a feeling of a sharp and severe pain in the stomach of the patient. In addition, the person also feels discomfort in the upper part of abdomen. 

Although gastric ulcers don't just get triggered naturally, they affect the persons after eating food (like an hour after food) and it rarely affect them at night. For the duodenal ulcer, it affects the person when the stomach is getting empty and there is no food in it. For the duodenal ulcer, when the pain comes, they can relief themselves off the pain by drinking milk. Peptic ulcer is caused by many things, some of these include - 

1. Peptic ulcer could be caused by the hyperacidity of the stomach. This lead to the increase in the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. This does not comes alone but some factors triggered its excessive production. Some of them include eating highly oily and spicy foods, overeating, eating heavy meals, highly spiced foods, smoking, alcohol and drinking coffee. 

2. Peptic ulcer can also be caused by other factors which can contribute to the increased production of hydrochloric acid in the body. Some of these factors and conditions include ingestion of certain drugs, food poisoning, gout, gout, stress, nervous tension and emotional disturbances. 

The above foods causes ulcer and you must avoid or reduce their intake to the barest minimum. Please share this to help other people around you.

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