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When the food you ordered is ready, but you are still looking at the menu

When you go to a Restaurant or canteen and the food you ordered is ready but you are still busy with the menu.

Other jokes:

While growing up there are a lot of funny things we did.

And an example is asking your younger ones to go and get tell your parents that you want to eat biscuits or sweet.

when I told my mom that I broke my arm in two places, she said that I should stop going to those places.

One Yoruba girl posted a picture and captioned it "everywhere stew" I opened it and pepper entered my eyes.

It's difficult to understand these business models. Cigarette companies kill their best customers ... and Condom companies restrict their future customers.

I just deleted my Instagram account... Gosh!! That App is for people who bathe everyday..... me I can't!

When you are not fasting, you can stay till afternoon without feeling hungry.... But during fasting, even the TV remote will start looking like Gala in your eyes.

After this Lockdown, I'm selling my bed, I don't think I ever sleep this year again. I have finish my sleeping buddle.

Howto make a girl run mad for someday, buy her iphone11 then send area boys to steal it from her the next. Sense won't kill me.

Which of them did you have you done.

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