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5 Types Of Nigerian Soups, Their Origin and Ingredients

Today we want to tell you about 5 types of Nigeria soups, their origin and ingredients. The soups are popular in the country and some of them are known outside Nigeria's borders. Read on to find out interesting facts about these tasty meals.

The 5 top types of Nigerian soups include the following;

1. Banga soup also known as "Ofe Akwu" soup, in Igbo language:

How to cook Ofe Akwu soup, in Urhobo language, this Nigeria soup is known as Oghwo Amiedi, in Isoko language as Izuwo Ibiedi. This soup is from Urhobo ethnic group. Today the soup is known and popular in the whole country.

The soup is made with spices, palm fruits, banga leaves. Isoko and Urobo people prefer to cook it with fresh fish, catfish, dried/smoked fish or meat. In some cases, the banga leaf substituted with scent leaf or dry bitter leaf. Niger Delta people like to serve the soup with starch or eba, wheat, or fufu (akpu), semo. It is also served with cocoyam (taro) pudding. One more important addition to the dish is "usi" yellow thick starchy paste made of cassava starch.

2. Afang soup:

This soup is known not only in Nigeria but in some other African countries. The soup is popular among Anang, Ibibio, and Ndoki people of Akwa Ibom and Rivers state. This soup is very nutritious and tasty that is why is is so popular.

The soup is prepared with fish, crayfish, beef, palm oil, pepper, shaki (beef tripe), okazi leaf, periwinkle, salt, waterleaf, onion, and some other seasonings.

3. Groundnut or peanut soup:

As you can understand from the name, the main ingredient of the soup is groundnuts. The soup is considered asba native soup of Etsako peoole of Edo state, they call this soup "Omisagwe". This soup is popular in every part of Nigeria.

4. Draw or Okra soup

This is the term that describes any type of soup that has a viscous consistency. These kind of soup are most popular in the southeastern parts of Nigeria. The main ingredient in such soups include okra and ogbono seeds. Other ingredients include, red palm oil, fish(dry&fresh), cow skin (kpomo), stock fish, vegetable leaves, prawn, fresh pepper, onion, crayfish and your soup spices. This type of soup is popular and its known for it's thickness, it can be served with numerous fufu meals.

5. Egusi or Melon soup:

Egusi soup is a soup made with a white kind of pumpkin seeds although many calls it melon seeds. These kind of soup are most popular in the southwestern and southeastern parts of Nigeria.

The main ingredient in the soup is Ground egusi (pumpkin seeds). Other ingredients include., red palm oil, Crayfish, meat and fish, seasoning, hot pepper and some form of leafy greens as choice differs.

Nigeria soup recipe are known and very popular. Today people try more dishes from different regions and these types of soups are spreading around the country and even abroad. These 5 examples are just few types of soup. There are many more types and we think it's a good idea to try them.

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