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Superfoods You Didn't Know You Should Eat During Pregnancy

These superfoods have been proven to be a game-change during pregnancy. Which one will you add to your prenatal diet?

Eating right in pregnancy is crucial and eating superfoods has rewards. It might be easier to give in to the cravings and to eat sugary foods or fast food. Unhealthy food can make you feel better but only temporarily, and there is a lot at stake here. As a mother, you need to consume food that will help with the growth of your little one. If you change your pregnancy diet, you can have a healthy pregnancy and natural childbirth. Most importantly, your growing baby will be healthy and fit. Here are superfoods you didn’t know you should eat in pregnancy.


Kale has a tremendous amount of protein and calcium. Only one cup of kale can give you 4 grams of protein, 490 mg of potassium, and 150 mg of calcium. It is much more than your daily requirements of Vitamin K and Vitamin A. If there is one food you should eat every day, it is kale. It is great in smoothies and even better when sautéed in butter.


Bananas can be really good for pregnant mothers and babies. They are easily available and give quick energy. Bananas can help prevent muscle cramps and can prevent morning sickness symptoms. You can eat them by themselves or enjoy them in a smoothie.

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As a pregnancy superfood, spinach is very important for your body. If you do not have leafy greens in your menu, you need to change the menu. Spinach is one thing that should be at the top of the menu. It is high in zinc and niacin and has enough fiber, proteins, folate, vitamins A, E, C, and K, magnesium, iron, thiamin, potassium, vitamin B6, manganese, calcium, copper, and phosphorus. You can eat spinach in smoothies, or cooked with vinegar and salt.


Yogurt is an ideal source of probiotics and it is delicious and easily available. Probiotics are crucial during pregnancy. When you shop for yogurt, look for one without sugar and dyes.


Broccoli is a superfood because it is a great source of folate, also known as folic acid. It is an important nutrient for a growing baby. If a child does not get enough folate, they can develop birth defects like spina bifida. Folate is best consumed in food than that found in store-bought vitamins. When you consume broccoli, your body will naturally absorb it and use it better than the folic acid in your prenatal vitamin.

Coconut Oil

One of the healthy fats you should have daily, coconut oil could be used for cooking. It will boost your immune system and can help breastmilk better. Coconut oil works as a great alternative to lotion and is used for long and smooth hair.


A powerhouse of nutrition, lentils are an ideal source of calcium, potassium, zinc, vitamin K, and niacin. They are very rich in folate, lean protein, fiber, and iron. Lentils should be an important part of your diet.



Almonds can give you the highest amount of protein, vitamin E, calcium, fiber, niacin, and riboflavin content by weight. You can eat them as a snack and always carry them in your purse. You can also make a superfood smoothies using almonds. If you have morning sickness, keep a few almonds by your bedside at all times.


Many are of the opinion that pineapple induces labor because it has an enzyme called bromelain. It can cause the uterus to contract. Additionally, it is high in nutrients and vitamin C. It is delicious on its own, can be eaten in smoothies or frozen.


Eating dates in the last few days of pregnancy can prepare your body for labor. It helps with the opening of the cervix and can eliminate the chances of postpartum hemorrhage. Dates have a high fiber component and also offer a great dose of energy.

Add these superfoods in your pregnancy diet and enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Your growing baby needs much more than supplements and these foods will provide an adequate amount of nutrients and vitamins that your body requires.

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