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See The Nigerian States That Prepare The Best Delicacies, And The Appetizing Pictures Of Their Meals

Nigeria is a blessed country amidst several other Things they are blessed with.

Nigeria is not just the giant of Africa, Nigeria is outrightly the producer of great dishes which is highly appreciated far and wide the shores of the land.

Today, we are going to be looking at some of the great dishes prepared in Nigeria and the favorites among the people.

These dishes are in no particular order, but, with the level of preference from consumers of the meals, we have thus rated them this way.

Ofe - akwu

This is a delicious meal prepared mainly by The Eastern part of Nigeria, Anambra state to be precise, although the meal has become a household meal with all parts of the nation in awe of it.

The meal is usually prepared from freshly washed palm fruits and garnished with local spices, meat, fish of sorts inclusive.

The meal is usually eaten with either swallow which consists of eba, semovita, wheat or fufu.

it can also be eaten in with white rice.

2. Ofe Owerri

Ofe Owerri as the name implies, is a kind of soup known with indeginious people of Owerri, Owerri is the capital of Imo state, this means that this particular meal is owned by Imo people,but, as a sumptuous meal, it is widely prepared and consumed by so many people in Nigeria.

3. Okazi soup

Okazi soup is a Nigerian meal prepared by Persons from Abia state.

Although it is varsely eaten by so many, the major owners of this particular meal is Abians.

The meal is prepared from a leaf called 'Okazi leaf' and it is usually garnished with cocoyam lumps or egusi lumps.

It can be eaten with any form of swallow ranging from Eba, fufu or wheat

4. Banga soup and starch

Banga soup is common with the indeginious people of Delta.

Just like Ofe akwu, it is prepared from freshly washed palm fruits.

The soup is usually eaten with starch, locally prepared by steaming it on fire for a period of time.

5. Amaka and ewedu soup

The meal is common with the Yoruba people of Southwest, especially those of them from Ibadan (Oyo state).

But, recently, the meal has grown popular among other ethnic groups in Nigeria.

With the Igbos, Hausas, Igalas and other ethnic groups having a fair share of the meal.

6. Egusi Soup

The egusi Soup is common among the easterners.

Egusi soup is a kind of soup you will likely see in the pot of an average Nigeria, maybe because the meal is easy to prepare.

The soup is usually prepared from blended Melon seed and can be consumed with either eba, semovita or fufu.

7. Tuwo shinkafa/ Miyan kuka

This particular meal is consumed and prepared mainly by the Northerners.

A very delicious delicacy that has poised as the best meal known with the Northerners, Kaduna state to be precise.

Although the meal is not so popular among the indigenes of other states, the few people other than the original owners who consume it, have nothing but alter praises to shower on the meal.

Content created and supplied by: Sharppen (via Opera News )

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