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Why You Should Never Drink Water Immediately After Eating Food

Water is the most useful solvent to humanity. It has varieties of uses and serve versatile purposes. One of such purposes is to drink as food. Water is a part of the classes of food, hence it is important we consume water. Water intake aids digestion and the body system needs a moist environment for metabolism to take place.

However, while it is important to keep yourself hydrated and consume a minimum of two litres of water every day, you must also ensure you follow the right time to gulp down the universal liquid. It's like every other valuable, there's is the right time and wrong time.Water really comes with a load of health benefits, but despite this, it shouldn't be taken immediately after meals. The debate of drinking water right after your meal is never-ending.

Taking water after meal alters lot of mechanism. It can hamper your digestion process, spiking the insulin levels. Even Experts had suggested that you take a break after the meal before you drink water. Drinking water during meals severely hampers your stomach’s digestive powers and causes insulin levels to fluctuate voluntarily. We need to learn to significantly say no to water immediately after meal.

Research has proven that sipping a little water during meals isn’t a cause for concern but drinking a glass or two immediately after the meal may interfere with digestion. It is advisable to drink water before taking the meal or at least an hour after meals. This helps in absorption of nutrients, and lowers risk of digestion abnormality.

Sometimes, you might want to know if you’re drinking enough water, just check if you are feeling thirsty. If you aren’t, then your fluid intake is likely to be just about perfect. Nevertheless, gulping glasses of water along with your meals or immediately after the meal may not be the best time to quench your thirst.

Many are ignorant about how wrong this practice is and how difficult this issue can be for digestion. It causes a lot of digestion abnormality. For those suffering with digestion problems, it might be the sole cause of their issue. Our stomachs have a knack of knowing when you will eat and starts releasing digestive juices immediately. If you start drinking water at the same time, what you are actually doing is diluting the digestive juices being released to digest your food, thereby hindering them from breaking down food.

Various studies show that the practice severely hampers digestion by diluting the essential gastric juices and causes an upsurge in insulin levels. If you consume water before the meals, you are not only disturbing the fluid component by diluting what you eat, you are also fastening the digestion process as the food now enters the large intestine much sooner than it should. Hence it is not advisable to have water just before your meal.

However, it is important that we take water often, but we must not do the right thing at the wrong time. I hope this health tip was useful.

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