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Simple delicacies and food tricks to try this week

Food is very essential for life, healthy food preparations and healthy food eating  habits improve or contributes significantly  to our general well being, here is a list of foods in Nigeria with high nutritional value;

Ofada rice and tomato stew; virtually everybody eats rice, but something unique about the ofada rice is because it is more nutritious  compared to other rice, when making your stew you can add carrots and green bean to make it more inviting and colorful, you can also prepare jellof and fried rice with ofada .

Egusi soup and Eba;  this is a very popular dishes in Nigeria very rich in protein and vitamins, the soup is well received and enjoyed with either eba or semo,  it is very easy to prepare .

Porridge yam; this meal is well packed with carbohydrate necessary for the day’s work ,preparing this meal with yams older than seven months, newly harvested yams are may loss its shape before It is ready to be served.

Pepper soup: is a well known delicacy in Nigeria, it is a kind of soup consumed with or without paring with other foods, this food is often rich with assorted meat or fish depending on the one you choose to go with. All the delicacies mentioned above are very easy to prepare, you can try any of the following this week or add you favorite meal in the comment box.

List of food tricks to try this week   

·  Any carbonated drink such as   coca-cola  increases the size of an egg when mixed and fried with oil

· The piles of potatoes instead of trashing it ,could be washed  mixed with seasoning fried and it is ready to be served

·        spoilt milk left in the fridge could be made useful again if one table spoon of salt added to it and returned to the fridge   for approximately 24 hours.


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