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Steps To Prepare A Fisherman's Soup.

The fisherman's soup is a delicious delicacy prepared in some parts of Nigeria.

Here are the ingredients for the the fisherman's soup

Fresh fish





Yam powder

Fresh pepper


Palm oil

Seasoning cubes

Ashanti pepper



Steps To Prepare The Fisherman's Soup

Step 1.

Wash your snails, crabs and fish properly.

Step 2.

Place it on a medium heat for twenty minutes.

Step 3.

Add your palm oil.

Step 4.

Add your yam or cocoyam powder and stir properly, then add little quantity of water to it.

Step 5.

Add some seasoning cubes and salt to taste.

Step 6.

Allow to boil for ten minutes.

Step 7.

Transfer your steamed ingredients to your boiling pot.

Step 8.

Add your seasoning cubes, salt, onions, pepper and blended ashanti pepper

Step 9

Step 10.

Add your shredded ashanti leaves ( oziza leaf), periwinkle and turn off the heat immediately.

Your fisherman's soup is ready!

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