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Ways To Reduce Much Expenses In Cooking

The citizens of Nigeria are complaining seriously on the increase in price of goods and services. The inflation rate is currently becoming alarming with the leaders of the country yet to provide solutions to the problem.

However, the situation of the country is now bringing out creativity and the best among her citizens. We shall get to know what some Nigerians have been up to in bettering their live and that of others.

1. Two in one pot coming exactly when the price of cooking gas is on the increase; A Nigerian man is trending on social media recently as he invented a pot that can be used to cook two different dishes same time.

(Photo credit; Facebook)

His creativity is quite a remarkable one due to the fact that people are now spending much money in refilling cooking gas.

2. Getting an electric stove; This would also help to reduce much expenses in food preparation, especially in urban areas where there is steady power supply. You can make your electric stove as your first choice, while the gas cooker should be your second choice.

(Photo credit; Casselin)

The gas cooker can be used for emergency situations or for warming food and other minor kitchen works.

3. The use of local triple heat source supplied by firewood; This should also serve as an alternative heat source in cooking especially in the rural areas where firewood is used to generate fire in cooking.

(Photo credit; Facebook)

To save time, energy and firewood, a person can prepare three different meal at the same time. This practice could help in reducing much expenses in cooking especially now that the price of gas is increasing.

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