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Locally made street foods that affects our health positively

In my opinion, one thing is guaranteed for sure, Nigerian street foods are the most delicious food you will ever eat.

Every Nigerian has had one or two if not all street foods am going to be mentioning today.These foods have unique flavours that you can't find anywhere else. You will agree with me that whether it is Meshai (fried noodle and egg) joints or the akara (beans cake) seller, there are certain foods we can't do without, especially because these dishes are very nutritious and delicious. Checkout some street dish that's nutricious:


Suya is a skewered spicy meat dish popular with the hausas. It is made with skewered grilled meats like beef, chicken, ram, and offal marinated in a complex mixture of spices called yaji. Widely consumed around the country today. Has good nutrient needed for a strong health.

Boli and groundnut

Boli (or bole) is roasted plantains that's commonly sold as street food in Nigeria with roasted groundnuts (peanuts). Back then in my days in port Harcourt, I could buy it all the time because I loved it . Has enough vitamins and mineral needed in the body.

 Ewa agoyin

Ewa agoyin (or ewa aganyin) is a popular street food in lagos and around all the yorubas . This delicious mashed beans is served with a spicy stew. I use dodo to eat mine. You can use bread or yam as the case may be. It is a meal with a high level of proteinous meal.


I like to call this street food National meal because even a small child knows and enjoys it. Literally everywhere around Nigeria is it consumed. Because it holds so much proteneous minerals and vitamins needed.


Puff-puff is a very popular street food in Nigeria. It's a ball-shaped doughnut even recognised in other countries like Ghana and Angola and it is generally known as snacks.

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Meshai Nigerian Suya


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