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It Is Not Called 'Abacha', Check Out The English Name Of This Meal

The African delicacy is one that is ubiquitous. Some of these meals have not only been recognised by other countries in the world, it has also helped in elevating and appraising the African culture by non- Africans.

One unique thing about Africans is the way they tend to coin words and adopt them to a given object, meal or entity. These words coinage has now become a convention that People tend to call these things even in another language such as English. One of them is the meal, Abacha.

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Abacha is a meal that is popular in Nigeria, especially the Southern part of the country. Its major ingredient is cassava. This cassava is boiled, grated afterwards, soaked over the night and dried. Other ingredients include palm oil, pepper, fish or meat, and any other ingredient as preferred by the consumer.

This meal is however not known as Abacha in English the way Nigerians call it in the language. It is called African Salad.

Now that you know, do ensure not to say the wrong name in English language in order for native speakers to know what meal you are referring to.

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