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Top 5 most expensive bottled water in the world; I bet you'll be surprised at their price tag.

Water is one of the most essential substances in life, You might go for some weed without food but that won't be possible without water.

so when it comes to water most people don't like settling for the less. The healthier the water the water you drink the more its likely that you'll have a healthy life.

Below are the list of the bottled water and their price range;

5) Veen 5-$23 per 750ml.

This bottled water is from Finland and is arguably the purest water in the world. The price of this water stands at $23 which is approximately 9200 naira. It's really expensive for a bottled water.

4) Bling H20 -$40 per 750 ml.

This Bling H20 is made out of Swarovski crystals and corked lol a bottle of champagne. The price actually seem rather low when compared to some of the other water we've seen.

When converting it to naira the price tag stands at 16,000 naira per bottle. Which is really expensive for a bottle of water.

3) Fillico-$219 per 750ml.

This amazing bottle water are made to look like chess pieces in particular the king and Queen. This is because this Fillico bottle water are topped with gold crowns associated with royalty.

2) Kona Nigari-$402 per 750ml.

Kona Nigari is a bottled water sild in Japan. It is collected from a spring around 2,000 metres under the sea coast of the Island of Hawaii and is said to have health benefits.

1) Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani -$60,000 per 750ml.

This is probably the most expensive bottled water in the world, costing a whooping $60,000 per bottle. Which is literally meant to quench your taste and empty your pocket.

This bottle water is actually produced from France and Fiji.

Content created and supplied by: peterberi1 (via Opera News )

Fillico Fillico-$219 Finland Kona Nigari-$402


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