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Drinking Garri In Nigeria

In case you are new in Nigeria or somehow you are seeing this article from outside Nigeria, Garri is a major food in Nigeria. It is processed from cassava In its grain form, the staple is referred to as Garri. After preparation, when it is in dough form, it is referred to as Garri.

How Do You Drink Garri?

You pour Garri inside a bowl or cup, then pour in some water. You can choose to add milk, sugar, salt, groundnut to make it more delicious.

Then get your spoon and enjoy the heavenly food made in Nigeria.

Drinking Garri is economical. The ability to soak garri in water to double the size made it very economical and a must have for poor families in Nigeria. maybe that is why it was previously associated with poverty and was consequently referred to as a poor man’s food.

Recently though, drinking Garri has gone from been a poor man's food to a generally accepted food for both the poor and the rich in Nigeria.

Years ago, if a pastor or somebody of elderly authority approaches you to say words of blessings on your head and in the process, makes a decree that the blessings of God will be too much in your life that you will never drink Garri ever again in your life. You will gladly say AMEN!!!

These days though, you dare not approach a Nigerian and tell them such. Unless you are deliberately looking for trouble.

It has become one of the most important staples of Nigerian food, previously known as the poor man's food but now regarded as one of the best delicacies for both the poor and the rich. Especially for Nigerian students.

If you have studied in any higher institution in Nigeria, you may have heard this popular say by Nigerian Students "Garri Has Been Savings Lives Since 1896"

 If you have never soaked garri, it means you never schooled in Nigeria.

Even though there have been a lot of reports that drinking Garri is not good for our health and that it causes blindness, it has not stopped Nigerians from performing the beautiful art of drinking Garri.

Of a truth, Drinking Garri has become a part of us and we have become a part of drinking Garri. As funny as it may sound, Drinking Garri has come to stay.


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