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Poverty is a disease: See the restaurant that is in the sky that people are reacting to

When you think the human race have reached its limit, suddenly you will see something else that will get you marvelled at the ingenuity of humans to create new things, and also how far rich people can go to get more satisfaction. Nothing can satisfy any human. Many would think getting rich will satisfy them. But even the rich are not satisfied. They often seek for more adventures. 

From people eating in the sea, to people eating on the sky. The pictures "dinner in the Sky " an expensive restaurant in Dubai for taking meals has stared lot of reactions.

The entire ground was not OK for people to eat. They now found a way to eat in the sky. Will the taste of the meal be different? What will happen when someone is pressed and what to visit a comfort station? 

The cheapest booking cost for the "Dinner in the sky" is about $139, in Nigerian currency it's N53,000.

If you have the money, can you book a meal in the "dinner in the sky"?

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