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Best Foods To Eat When You Are Purging

Diarrhea or purging can be described as a situation where by an individual visit the toilet multiple times to poop. It's often accomplained with stomach discomfort and the feeling of nausea commonly caused by eating contaminated foods, fruits, dairy products or water etc. The best foods to eat during this period that can provide relieve and help you recover faster will be discussed in this article.

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Best Foods To Eat When You Are Purging:

1 Cooked cereals eg wheat, oat meal.

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2 Unflavored soda crackers

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3 Apple sauce or unsweetened juice.

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4 Brat diet: it consist of banana, rice, apple and bread. These foods does not upset the gut, and they help to firm up your poop and bind with the excess water in the gut.

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5 Liquid based foods such as: coconut water, ice chips, drinks with electrolyte: this is needed by the body because alot of electrolyte and water is lost when you purge. And to recover and function properly, the body needs electrolyte and water.

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