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Quick way on How to Make "Kunu Aya" using Tiger Nut

'Kunu' is a name for beverage that is made locally in hausa, 'Aya' is a local name for Tigernut, so in this post I will teach you guys on how to prepare it


Tiger nut






The first thing to do is to wash the tiger nut very well and soak it in water for a Long time, or soak it overnight and use it in the evening.The main aim for soaking it that long is the ensure that the tigernut absorb water and the soften it.

(Tigernut is a very hard nut so this first step is neccesary for the preparation of the kunu Aya)

The next step is to wash the dates and remove the all the seeds in it.

The next step is the break the coconut, wash it very well and slice it into small pieces, you can Blend the coconut if you have a blender or you can add it to the tigernut.

The next step is to scrap the ginger with knife or you can soak it in cold water for some minutes and the back will peel of by it self.

Cut the ginger into smaller pieces and also add it to the tigernut. Blend the four of them together (Tigernut, date, coconut and ginger) with blender but if you don't have you can take it to where machine can grind it.

Add a little water while grounding, after this put the grinded tigernut in a mesh and filter it to separate the chaft from the Main one.

After filtering you can use the cheesecloth to squeeze the remaining one.

Put the main one in fridge and enjoy it later.

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How to Make Kunu Aya Tiger Tiger Nut Tigernut


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