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How To Prepare Delicious ow To Prepar.Delicious Coconut Rice .

Follow This Method Of Preparing Delicious Coconut Rice.

Coconut rice is a food many Nigerians like eating. It is very easy to prepare , rich and very economical.

This food can be served at home and in parties. Below are the ingredients you need need to prepare a tasty coconut rice.

Ingredients For Preparing Coconut Rice .

1. Two coconuts

2. Four cups of rice

3. Crayfish

4. Fresh pepper

5. Maggi

Method Of Preparation

1. Crack the coconut open and remove the softer inner part from the hard shell with a knife.

2. Shop the coconut into tiny bits and put in a blender wth few cups of warm water and blend for about eight minutes. If you do not have blender, you can grate it with the smallest part of the gratter .

3. Pour the blended coconut into a sieve and drain the milk . Squeeze all the milk out of the shaft. Add more water to shaft to remove all the milk.

4. Parboil your rice by cooking for about ten minutes . Add cold water to the parboiled rice and wash out the starch. Put in a pot and pour the prepared coconut milk into it. Add salt to taste , Maggi and crayfidh. Put on your cooker and allow it to cook very well.

5. Once the rice is almost done , and the water has dried from the surface, grate or slice the fresh pepper and put it on top of the rice. Do not mix it with the rice but leave it on top and cover the pot . Allow the water to dry completely, then drop the pot from the cooler.

Your delicious Coconut rice is ready to be served.

I hope someone had learnt something here today.

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Thank you so much for your time .

God bless you .

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