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I won my husband's heart with this little secret (opinion)

Do you want to win your husband's love when you marry? If yes then you can buy my little secret free of charge.

There is a saying among my people that a woman who gains her husband's love is the one who Cooks well. No wonder most women express fear whenever their husband's are posted to Akwa Ibom/Cross River State, for this two States are noted for their delicious delicacies such as Edikan ikong, Afan soup, Atama soup, ekpan nkukwo to mention but a few.

They fear that their husband's will be given " kop no mi " (charm) that will make them to forget their home's. The truth of the matter is that there is nothing like charm, rather their husband's are likely to be carried away by well cooked delicacies of Akwa Ibom women.

Now here is a recipe for one of the delicious delicacies (Ekpan Nku kwo)

Ingredients are:

Cocoyam, peeled washed and grated

Water yam

Vegetable leaf : sweet potato leaf or green leaf cut into small pieces

Periwinkle cut and washed

Clean smoke fish

Powdered crayfish

Pepper fresh or dried

Scent leaf wash and cut

Palm oil




Mix your already grated cocoyam and water yam together add a little salt and mix well

Put palm oil at the bottom of the pot pour in your periwinkle tie or wrap the cocoyam paste with vegetable leaf in tiny sizes into the pot. Add all your condiments, crayfish, fish, pepper, periwinkle, scent leaf, maggi add boilers water and cook on fire for about 30 mins stir and add salt to taste.

Your Ekpan nku kwo is ready always remember to call me for a bite

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Content created and supplied by: Samzy41 (via Opera News )

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