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If You Eat Snail, This Information Is For You

The meat of snail is considered to be high quality food packed with protein and is also a great source or various minerals. It contains 15% protein, 80% water and 2.4% fat. Snail are eaten in combination with different foods or taken alone with drinks at restaurants. They are mostly found in around plants or walls during raining seasons.

Protein content

Snails have low calorie source of protein which is required for repairing and building muscles. 

Presence of Iron

Snails are great source of iron which is essential to build red blood cells and for transporting energy throughout the body. 

Vitamin B12

Snails are rich in Vitamin B12 which is responsible for the production of red blood cells and keeping nervous system healthy.


Snails are a great source of magnesium in which bodies are required for maintaining normal blood pressure, regular heartbeat and strengthen bones

Presence of Selenium

Snails contain selenium which helps to keep immune system healthy and protects cells from damage.


Snail shouldn't be eaten raw because, it has rat lungworms that can cause numbness, headaches and spasms. It may cause schistosomiasis and meningitis.

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Magnesium Presence of Iron Selenium Vitamin B12


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