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Check Out How To Prepare Delicious Edikaikong Soup.

In this article, we are going to see how to prepare Delicious Edikaikong Soup.

Edikaikong Soup is a Nigerian dish and it is cooked with assorted meat & Fish. It was originated in Calabar and it should be Prepared with enough ingredients.

Edikaikong Soup is a very Delicious dish and it is everyone's favorite soup.


* 1 kg of Ugu Leave

* 500 g of Waterleaf

* 1 kg of assorted meat

* 2 cups of Palm-oil

* Grounded crayfish

* Smoke fish

* 1 medium Sized onions

* 1 big head of Stockfish

* Fresh Pepper

* 1 cup of Periwinkles

* Canda

* Maggi, Salt

* Water

Method Of Preparation

Firstly, Water and cut your Ugu and Waterleaf properly, then you cook your meat, fish, Stock fish, Periwinkles and Canda in a neat pot and allow to boil for about 30 minutes until it softens.

Start adding other ingredients, add your Crayfish, Maggi and Pepper, then stir for some minutes before you add your Ugu and Waterleaf into the Pot of meat, fish, Periwinkles, Canda and cover for some minutes.

Then You can add your Palm-oil and Salt to taste, then cover for some minutes.

Your Food is ready! Eat with Eba or Pounded yam.

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