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5 Side Effects That Will Make You Consider Reducing The Way You Eat Bread

You would come to agree with me that bread ranks among one of the commonly most consumed foods around the world, it has become a compulsory part of so many people's daily diet as many now find it difficult to go a day without this food and even go ahead eat it in excess when. This can be attributed to its convenience, portability, nutrition, and wonderful taste. Nutritionally bread like many other foods has both importance or health benefits and side effects or implications which can both be made visible depending on the time, condition, manner, and quantity of consumption.

Quantity is a very important factor in every consumable ranging from drugs down to all kinds of food, as the quantity of a particular food consumed can alter the effect of that food on the overall body system. Prescribed drugs, taken in an average and normal quantity would yield health benefits to the body system however if the same drugs are taken too much in a high quantity, it would have dangerous side effects on the body. The same thing applies to food like bread which can offer some health benefits when eaten in moderation but turns out to have some side effects when eating too much. 


Many of us are guilty of the crime of eating too much bread but below you would see some side effects that would make you consider reducing the way you eat bread.

1) Hike In Blood Sugar Level:-

Eating too much bread can greatly increase your blood sugar level due to the high sugar contained in bread thereby exposing you to a higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

2) Increased Hunger After Consumption:-

Eating food in excess is normally known to make you overfull and not hungry, however, bread, especially white bread tends to increase hunger in some people even after eating as much quantity as possible thereby giving rise to overeating which is not good for the body.

3) Excessive Weight Gain:-

Asides from the fact that bread would naturally make you gain excessive weight by making you overeat as a result of increased hunger after eating, white bread which has been stripped of fiber and nutrients would keep you hungry forcing you to consume too many calories.

3) Constipation:-

Foods with low fiber affect the digestive system leaders to constipation. Eating too much bread with low fiber is of no different effect as it can cause constipation and irregular bowel movements making you feel uncomfortable.


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