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Opinion: 5 Signs Your Husband Secretly Hates Your Cooking

Men love food, no doubt about that. I've been to several marriage seminars and relationship programmes designed for women but I tell you, they never left this thing out - food.

One of the qualities all men alway look for in ladies is their ability to cook- can she cook? How well can she cook? Is she a good cook? Can she make this (maybe his favorite)?, Can she make that? Some even like to show off their wife's culinary skill to their friends and folks. When you hear your husband tell his friends: "my wife made this recipe, she's a very good cook". Well, that has a hidden meaning. This, and many others are what we're going to decide in this article. This is going to be fun, interesting, enlightening and relatable. 

Okay, you wake up at 4.00am dot, said your prayers and you started thinking of what to make for breakfast. Maybe after an hour, you came up with something fantastic. You started cooking and doing other home chores like waking the kids and preparing them for school.

After two hours, breakfast is ready and served. Everyone is eating. You look at your husband, his face and you're trying to find out if he likes the meal or not. Then you asked and he said: It's okay, woman or mummy chukwu!

What does this response mean? Let's try to find out what this means, and many more.

1. When a man says your meal is okay - it means your meal is just the same as before. It means you still make your meals the same way. No observable change. So it's your choice if you will upgrade your cooking or leave it as it is. But...

When he keeps eating in silence, and does a little dance in his seat - mehn, he's loves your meal so much that he can't even hide it.

2. From his face, you can easily tell if your husband likes your food or not. That woeful face he gives when he hates something, and that happy face he gives when he likes something. Men who express their feelings this way will always find it difficult to hide their feelings from their wives. But...

If he asks when you're making that dish again - he liked the meal you prepared.

3. When he says:" maybe we should only have this once in a while...but this is alright, I guess? - He doesn't like that meal but he doesn't want you to feel bad about it. But...

If he asks when you're making that dish again - it means that he liked the meal you prepared.

4. When he prefers to eat outside or at place of work all the time. He eats outside before coming home so he won't need to eat much of the food prepared for dinner - that's a sign that you're not getting it well at all when it comes to cooking. But...

When he can't wait to see what you've got for him for dinner - that shows that he loves your cooking. 

5. When he's always busy with something while everyone in the family is taking their dinner - it might have become his hobby to read newspapers or watch news on television whenever food is ready but I tell you, all these denote something. This might mean that he has no interest in what you might have cooked for him.

So when you make breakfast or dinner for your husband, be ready to read his mind and emotions so you can now how much he loves your cooking. Like they used to say, the woman who can prepare a delicious a stew has the heart of her husband. That's a Yoruba proverb. 

So, what does your husband or fiance says when you ask him to say how he feels about your food? Don't forget to like and share this page to your friends and families.

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