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12 Nigerian vegetables Yoruba tribe love to prepare delicious soups

Yoruba tribe, which is a prominent tribe in Nigeria is endowed with many delicacies that are delicious and highly nutritious. They also believe in eating good soups, that are beneficial to human health.

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 Although some other tribes believe that Yoruba soups are always pepperish, but this is not actually true as the decision to put much pepper in soups depends entirely on the individual or family as a whole. Yoruba people love to prepare different soups, many times they prepare a soup that finishes in a day because it is believed that the nutrients of the soup may have diminished if extended to other days.

A typical vegetable soup

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However, Nigeria vegetables are normally used to prepare delicious soups by them. Many vegetable leaves are prepared into palatable soups in the olden days by mothers but nowadays, it seems as if this present generation have forgotten some of the vegetable leaves and just go for the common ones. In this article, some Nigerian vegetables which Yoruba people usually used in cooking tasty vegetable soups will be highlighted.

1. Èfó gbúre (water leaf)

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2. Èfó amúnú tutù (African spinach)

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3. Èfó Ìyànà ìpájà (hospital too far)

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4. Èfó ìgbàgbá

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5. Èfó efinrin (scent leaf)

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6. Èfó Òdú

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7. Èfó sokoyokoto

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8. Èfó yarin (wild lettuce)

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9. Èfó ewuro (bitter leaf)

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10. Èfó marugbo

Photo credit: Be healthy Africa

11. Èfó isapa (roselle)

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12. Èfó Tètè (green leaf)

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Do you know this vegetables? You can start to prepare them for your family. They will surely appreciate you for that!

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