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How to make yummy party jollof rice


25 kg of long grain rice (6 small paint rubbers)

 Rich meat stock, quantity depends on the meat available

4 liters of vegetable oil

About ten big bulb of onion or more

One and half of the largest size of tin tomatoes paste 

A quarter of big basket of fresh tomatoes

One and half small dustbin basket of red bell pepper (tatashe) or Shombo

About ten to pieces of bayleaf

Three kilo of habanero pepper ( atarado) (not up to a paint rubber) 

One big sachet of each of Kitchen glory and spicity chicken flavour r any other of your choice

One and half packet  knorr chicken cube

Six sachets of Benny chicken powder

Salt to taste (In little quantity as other seasonings contains salt

One heaped cooking spoon of curry powder

250 g cooking margarine 


Heat your vegetable oil in your cooking pot, then add diced onion and saute.

Add the tomatoes paste with water then pour into the pot and continue frying. I usually fry the tomatoes paste first before adding my already boiled blended tomatoes to reduce the acidic taste of the tin tomatoes paste.

Continue to fry till dry then pour  your blended tomatoes with pepper and fry further. As you are frying, add the curry powder, knorr cubes, the bayleaf and the chicken flavour powder

Fry very well until the oil starts floating on top, this is a sign that it's dried, at this stage, add the meat stock and water that will be enough to cook the rice.

Tipswhen making party jollof rice in large quantity, it's best to measure your water to get the right consistency of party jollof rice.

So for this recipe you will need 9 and half small paint bucket of water if working with foreign rice but for Nigerian rice you will need about 8 depending on how strong your rice is.

 Measure your meat stock along with the water. You will start to measure the water with your meat stock, then make up the measurement with water.

Taste and adjust the taste with salt. 

Next, cover the pot and bring to boil. 

Wash your rice with salt and water very well to remove the excess starch.

When the content in the pot starts to boil, add your washed rice to it and stir with a wooden spoon.

Reduce your heat once it the rice starts to cook, like after ten minutes, then stir at intervals.

Allow to cook till the water dries up.

Add your margarine when the rice starts drying up

Reduce your heat again as its drying up to allow it steam very well. 

Note: if your water dries up and your rice is not well cooked, don't panic, don't add water as water will wash away the taste you have worked so hard to achieve. Simply cover the pot with clean sack bag or foil paper. 

Place the pot lid on top of the bag or foil, make sure it covers well, the aim is to trap in the heat in the pot. 

Lower your heat and steam

Open after 10 to 15 minutes , then your rice should be well cooked

Stir again and bring down from the fire.

Then your yummy jollof rice is ready

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Content created and supplied by: Oluwatunmisebammy (via Opera News )

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