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Don't Always Consume Bread And Tea In The Morning, Do These Instead

Food is anything we eat to satisfy our hunger and also help nourish the body. Bread is a food that belong to the Carbonhydrate class.

Bread and tea is a common meal that is always eaten as breakfast. Bread is nutritious and good to eat, nevertheless excessive eating is quite bad.

Bread can't only be eaten in combination with tea. They are other things you can consume alongside with your bread in the morning as breakfast.

Your mornings will definitely be spiced up by eating your bread with sardine and egg. They is no much difficult procedure used in preparing this meal. The ingredients that you will need include:

1. Sardine (1 tin).

2. Sliced bread.

3. Chopped onions.

4. Eggs.

5. 1 teaspoon of oil for frying.

Method of Preparation: 

STEP 1: Open your sardine and remove the water. If you want to use the sardine in oil, then pour the oil into a different bowl. Mash the sardine in another bowl and mix with onions.

STEP 2: Break your egg in a bowl and whip properly. Then pour into the sardine and mix them together.

STEP 3: Pour oil in a frying pan, just to coat the base of the pan. Set the frying pan on heat and once hot, pour in the sardine and egg mixture to cook for about 60 seconds. Turn over to the other side to cook as well and transfer to a plate.

STEP 4: Cut the egg and spread on your slices of bread, you can also choose to add veggies, then cover with other slices and cut into desired shape. 

Try this food idea instead of consumimg bread and tea everyday.

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