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Check Out The Different Types Of Palm Wine And Their Health Benefits

Most people are unaware that palm wine comes in a variety of tastes and flavors, owing to geographical differences that may be ascribed to a variety of factors such as soil type, climate, and others.

Palm wine tappers in Nigeria mostly obtain it from the oil palm tree and the Raffia palm, although other varieties of palm may be found in many African nations and other regions where it is produced.

a. Palm wine from the oil palm tree is known in Igbo as "nkwu enu" and in Yoruba as "emu."

b. In Anambra state, another type of palm known as "iti" is popular, and it involves tapping palm wine from the stem of the oil palm tree, also known as stem tapping.

c. Raffia palm wine, also called as "Ngwo" in Igbo, "Ukot" in Efik, and "Ogoro" in Yoruba, is tapped from the raffia tree.

d. Another sort of palm wine, called as "down-wine," is made by falling palm trees. It is popular in Ghana and some parts of Cross River, such as Boki LGA, but has been banned by the government because it inhibits forestation.

It is known by several names in different parts of the world, including "Mbu" in Cameroon, "Ukwu or Ngwo" in Igbo (Nigeria), "Doka" in Ghana, "Panam culloo" in China, "Emu" in Yoruba (Nigeria), "Lambanog" in the Philippines, and others.

There are several unexpected health advantages of Palm wine that you may not be aware of: Improves Eye Vision:

This is one of the most important benefits of palm wine, and while many people are aware of it, they may not realize which nutrients are responsible for it. The abundance of vitamins in palm wine, such as vitamin C and B, play an important function in enhancing eye vision.

- Strengthen the Body's Structure: Protein is an important food that the body cannot live without, and palm wine is high in amino acids, which serve as the building blocks for the macro-nutrient protein.

- Improves Hair and Skin: Palm wine includes nutrients that aid in the nourishment of the skin, hair, and even the nails (fingers and toes alike), such as vitamins, zinc, magnesium, and others, all of which play a significant part in the improvement.

It also aids in the development of new body cells by eliminating and replacing dead cells in the body, resulting in softer, smoother, and more attractive skin.

- Used to Treat Skin Rashes: Palm wine can be used externally to treat rashes, eczema, and other skin disorders, especially in tiny children, in most regions. It's done by rubbing unadulterated palm wine on the problematic regions; the vitamins in the wine will help calm the skin and heal such skin problems.

- Increases Breast Milk: Most people, especially those in rural, are aware of one of the benefits of palm wine in the body. Though it is often thought that drinking palm wine helps nursing moms produce more breast milk, this has not been scientifically confirmed.

However, this does not negate the fact that most ailments and cures for various health disorders are derived from naturally existing plants and vegetations that our forefathers have been using for centuries.

- Benefits Heart Health:

Because of its potassium content, it's a good source of drink to help fight a variety of cardiovascular ailments.

It aids in the proper functioning of nerves and muscles, which aids in the normalization of heart rate and the reduction or reduction of blood pressure.

Palmwine should be consumed in moderation to ensure that the heart and the entire body receive the potassium they require, as either too much (hyperkalemia) or too little (hypokalemia) potassium in the body can cause irregular heartbeats, which can lead to serious and life-threatening health problems.

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